Endocare Ampoules

hydrating and restorative vitamin complex

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Endocare Ampoules

Endocare Ampoules

Endocare Ampoules (7 X 1ml) is a intensive repair serum that targets the effects of ageing deep within the skin to give you outstanding visible results and skin rejuvenation.

Formulated with advanced skin rejuvenation ingredient SCA BioRepair Technology, it provides intensive hydration in order to start repairing and regenerating. It contain Hydrosystem skin moisturizers that draws the skin’s natural moisture back to the surface of your skin.

It reduces wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and enhances skin tone, improving texture and skin condition. Restorative vitamin complex Vitamin C and Vitamin Ecomplex provides additional antioxidant activity to aid skin defense and repair.

Suitable for mature and damaged skin. Open ampoule using protective sleeve and dispense into palm of hand. Apply evenly with fingertips across the face. Apply 1 ampoule a day, preferably at night, for 7 consecutive days.

Available now at our Miracle Skin Laser & Aesthetic Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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