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1. What is your signature miracle laser facial?

Our signature medical laser facial uses US FDA Approved Korea top Q switch laser to clean your face. It gives your the benefits of a normal facial wash. It takes only about 15 minute and so its also known as lunch-time laser.

It stimulates skin collagen and transform your skin towards the goal of perfect skin. It has no downtime and you can resume your daily activities immediately. You feel minimal pain, plus it is safe and effective!

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2. How often should you undergo a miracle laser facial?

We recommend a weekly treatment basis of laser facial in first few session for achieving cleaner and glowing skin.

After that, once every 2 weeks laser facial is the best to maintain healthy, bright and youthful skin.

Our experienced doctor and aesthetician team will provide the best consultation and address any of your concern regarding skin problems and beauty.

3. Do you need to book an appointment with Miracle Skin Laser & Aesthetic Centre prior to your visit?

We welcome everyone with any and every concern regarding skin health and external beauty! You can either walk-in or make an appointment with us.

However, customers with appointment will have the privilege of getting their treatment done on-time.

Walk-in customers will be served with welcome drinks and snacks in our comfortable and cozy waiting room while waiting for their turn.

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4. What is the procedure step of our signature miracle laser facial?

First of all, you will be examined and brief by our professional aesthetician team before proceeding with your facial cleanse.

After cleansing of face, protective eye googles will be placed on your eyes. Our highly trained doctor will perform a 15 minutes US FDA Approved Q switch ND YAG laser over your face using specially customised hand piece. You will experience very minimal pain during the procedure.

The laser energy pulse, which is in billionths of a second, will break the pigment at epidermis and dermis layer so it can be naturally reabsorbed and disposed of by the body.

The laser also will kill off the acne causing bacteria and result in the elimination of acne.

After the laser treatment, we will cool your skin using special high quality cooling mask. Cooling will result in reducing of skin redness.

Next, post-laser moisturiser and sun block will be applied to protect skin after laser.

The whole procedure will take around 20 minutes. It is safe, effective and does not require special care or healing time. You can resume daily routine immediately after the laser treatment.

6. Are all the treatment packages and products in Miracle Laser and Aesthetic Centre safe for me?

All our skin laser machines are US FDA Approved medical grade laser in which both the results and safety were guaranteed. Besides, all the products in our centre are approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (Ministry of Health) and are imported from Spain, Italy and Korea. So the results and safety were guaranteed.

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