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Our skin tightening treatment helps reduce and prevent sagging skin to give you a youthful look.

Skin sagging is a normal occurrence as we age, and can also be due to our lifestyle, lack of sleep, stress, diet and exposure to sunlight.

Skin sagging can be mitigated by a few of our medical grade US FDA Approved treatments for skin tightening and lifting for sagging skin:

  • Ultracel Q+ HIFU
  • Endymed 3deep Ultra Skin Tightening Expert
  • Intensive micro-needling Radio-frequency
  • Lymphatic drainage face therapy
  • Injection methods such as Thread lift, Filler injections, etc

Our doctor will examine you before treatment to decide what kind of treatments or combination of treatments are best for your individual skin type.

Different skin types, as well as sagging severity and aging status of skin will determine the type of treatment or combination treatments.

You can decide the type of treatments base on your budget and preference after consultation with our doctor.

Good improvement can be seen if the right treatment was being done by professionals.

Miracle Laser Centre Sagging Skin Treatment
Miracle laser centre skin sagging treatment

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